Cable Management Set

Cable management set for the clean wiring of all MTSIM products.

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Set for simple and clean wiring of MTSIM products. USB HUB and cables are designed for USB 3.0 to work well with new devices.

The cable clips can be screwed directly into any profile groove without a slot nut.

With the enclosed 3M adhesive pads, the USB HUB can be securely attached.

The connection of the HUB with the USB extension serves as a trip device and prevents excessive damage to the HUB or the connected controllers.


  • 1x Ultra-Slim Anker USB 3.0 Hub
  • 1x 1.8m USB 3.0 cable
  • 4x Cable clip
  • 2x 3M-Pad


Our design is constantly improving, so the finished product may differ from the version in the videos and on the images.