Joystick / HOTAS Desk Mount

Aluminium desk mount for joystick, throttle and HOTAS systems. Compatible with Brunner, CH Products, Logitech, Thrustmaster, VKB, Virpil and Winwing models. For a HOTAS setup (joystick and throttle) two mounts are needed.

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Our focus in the design of the Joystick / HOTAS Desk Mount is on absolute stability. The connection between the mount and the table has to be extremely sturdy and can not flex.

Joystick or Throttle must be quickly removable, so as not to disturb if necessary.


Joystick / Throttle Mounting Plates

The mounting plates have been individually tailored to the shape and requirements of each joystick or throttle. They are available separately and can be reordered if required.

The height of the mounting plates for joystick or throttle can be infinitely adjusted and fixed.

BESSEY x MTSIM Quick Release Clamp

In collaboration with BESSEY, a world-renowned manufacturer of clamping systems, we have developed a quick release clamp that fits our desk mounts perfectly.

  • Twist-proof thanks to large pressure plate
  • Clamping force up to 2500 N.
  • Can be mounted on tabletops with a thickness of 0.5-10 cm.

Table Protection and increased Grip

The top plate of the mount is thinly coated with plastic to protect the surface of the table while increasing the grip.

Infinitely adjustable

The design allows for infinitely variable height adjustment of the joystick/throttle.

High-quality materials

The desk mounts are made of extremely stable anodized aluminum profiles.

Quick Attachment

Thanks to the quick release clamp, the desk mount can be attached or removed in seconds.


Thanks to our multiple extension options, everyone can put together their ideal flight setup.

Our personal must-have?

The attachable Keyboard Bridge allows you to quickly switch between a HOTAS and mouse and keyboard setup. In combination with the Mouse Extension, an ergonomically perfect desk setup is created.

Scope of Delivery

1x Desk Mount
1x Joystick/Throttle Mounting Plate
not included
Controller (Joystick, Throttle, MFD etc.)
Cable Management Set

Some of the images show accessories such as controllers or desk mounts that are not included with the product as standard. These are only used to better illustrate the overall view.


Technical Details

Brunner CLS-EThrustmaster Viper TQS
Brunner CLS-PThrustmaster Warthog
CH Products Combat-/Fighterstick & Pro ThrottleVirtual Fly Throttle TQ6+/Neo
Logitech Flight Throttle QuadrantVKB Black Mamba
Logitech G940VKB Gladiator/NXT/EVO
Logitech/Saitek X52/ProVKB GNX THQ Throttle
Logitech/Saitek X55/X56VKB Gunfighter MK1/MK2/MK3/MK4
Realsimulator FSSB 3VKB STECS Mini/Plus/Standard
Saitek X65FVPC CDT-VMAX Throttle
Thrustmaster AVA BaseVPC MongoosT-50/CM1/CM2 Joystick
Thrustmaster CougarVPC MongoosT-50/CM3 Joystick
Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTASVPC MongoosT-50/CM/CM2/CM3 Throttle
Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick AIRBUS EditionVPC WarBRD/D
Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant AIRBUS EditionVPForce Rhino Joystick
Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant BOEING EditionWinwing Super Libra
Thrustmaster T16000M FCSWinwing Super Taurus
Thrustmaster TWCSWinwing Orion/2/F-16EX
Product weight2.5 kg

Developed with the support of the Sim community

Many thanks to all who contributed ideas, tests and criticism to the realization of the project!

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