Center Joystick Chair Mount

Center joystick mount for attachment to various office chairs.

Quick and easy to remove. Can be adjusted for different joystick configurations.

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A center joystick is a must for various flight simulations, which is why we have developed a center joystick mount that can be optimally combined with our joystick/HOTAS chair mounts.

In order not to make the office chair unusable for everyday use, the center mount can be removed quickly and without any tools.


The mount can be attached in several combinations to support various joystick configurations.

Joystick above the seat

Joystick with extension (standard)

Joystick with extension (height-adjustable)


The Chair Mount Center mounting bracket can be attached to many different office chairs. The plate is screwed between the seat and the two front attachment points of the chair base.

The following drawing can be used to check whether the chair is compatible with the holes in the plate.

The mounting bracket is compatible with most office and gaming chairs. Please let us know if it does not fit on yours, our goal is to make as many chairs compatible as possible.


  • 1x Stainless steel chair mounting bracket
  • 1x Joystick mounting plate *(depending on order)
  • Various profiles for several joystick configurations.

For setup and adjustment, a hex key set with ball head is required. (Not included)

Chair, armrests, joystick or throttle are not included and only serve to illustrate the complete structure on the product images.


    • I changed my HOTAS/Joystick setup, what to do?The joystick and throttle mounting plates are easily interchangeable and can be ordered separately.
    • Compatible Joysticks and Throttles:
      • Brunner CLS-E
      • Brunner CLS-P
      • CH Products Combat-/Fighterstick & Pro Throttle
      • Logitech G940
      • Logitech/Saitek X52/Pro
      • Logitech/Saitek X55/X56
      • Realsimulator FSSB 3
      • Saitek X65F
      • Thrustmaster Cougar
      • Thrustmaster T-Flight
      • Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick AIRBUS Edition
      • Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant AIRBUS Edition
      • Thrustmaster T16000M FCS
      • Thrustmaster TWCS
      • Thrustmaster Viper TQS
      • Thrustmaster Warthog
      • VKB Black Mamba
      • VKB Gladiator/NXT/Pro
      • VKB Gunfighter MK1/MK2/MK3
      • VPC MongoosT-50/CM/CM2 Joystick
      • VPC MongoosT-50/CM/CM2/CM3 Throttle
      • VPC WarBRD
      • Winwing Super Libra
      • Winwing Super Taurus


Instruction Manual (.pdf)


Our design is constantly improving, so the finished product may differ from the version in the videos and on the images.