Joystick / HOTAS Desk Mount (Long Version)

Aluminium Desk Mount for joystick, throttle and HOTAS systems. Compatible with Brunner, CH Products, Logitech, Thrustmaster, VKB, VPC, Winwing and more. The longer version of the Joystick/HOTAS desk mount for joysticks with extension. This item ships from our US warehouse in Tampa, FL. Combine with other products shipping from Florida for much reduced shipping rates.

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Our focus in the design of the Joystick / HOTAS Desk Mount is on absolute stability. The joiystick and throttle must be firmly connected to the table and must not wobble even under strong force. Joystick or Throttle must be quickly removable, so as not to disturb if necessary.

The long version of the MTSIM Joystick/HOTAS Desk Mount is designed for use with extended joysticks. Apart from the length of the profiles, the mount is identical to the normal version.

Maximum vertical adjustment: 38cm

All information about the standard Joystick/HOTAS Desk Mount

If you do not want to use joysticks with an extension and just want to utilize the longer vertical adjustability of the long versions, we recommend using standard 7cm Profiles for Mounting Plates.

Automatic Clamp

The fastening process on the table is very easy and flexible due to the quick release construction. In just a few seconds, the table mount can be attached or detached.

Clamping force up to 2500N.

Can be mounted on tabletops with a thickness of 0.5-10 cm.

Mounting Plate

The mounting plates for joystick or throttle are infinitely adjustable in height and can be fixed.

The mounting plates for joystick and throttle are specially designed for the requirements of the respective system and can be individually reordered. The following joystick and throttle mounting plates are available when ordering:

Table Protection and increased Grip

The top plate of the mount is thinly coated with plastic to protect the surface of the table while increasing the grip.


  • 1x aluminium table mount incl. a 12cm profile for mounting plate attachment
  • 1x mounting plate for joystick/throttle
  • Screws/nuts or velcro pads to attach the joystick or throttle (depends on the system)

Joystick and Throttle are not included and serve only to illustrate a complete structure.


  • Are two table mounts required for a HOTAS setup?
    Yes, Joystick / Throttle or Dual Joystick systems require two mounts.
  • Are tools included with the mounts?
    Tools are not included by default. For general assembly, a metric ball head hex key set is recommended.
  • I changed my HOTAS/Joystick setup, what to do?
    The mounting plates are easily interchangeable and can be ordered separately.
  • Are Warthog joystick extensions compatible?
    There is enough space for all lengths of Warthog joystick extensions.
  • Do I get tracking info for my order?
    You will receive a tracking email for your package shortly after it ships out. (Usually directly from DHL or DHL Express)


Partially pictures of accessories such as controllers or seats, which are not included in the shipment of the product, are shown on pictures. These serve only to better illustrate the overall view.