Pilot Seat – MPS-1 Blackbird

The MPS-1 Blackbird is specifically developed for flight simulation. Optimized to be compatible with many control setups on sim rigs and cockpits. Breathable hybrid synthetic leather made out of vinyl and polyurethane covers the seat.

Production time: 12-16 weeks

This item ships from our HQ in Hannover, Germany with DHL Express.

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High quality, ergonomics and high comfort are combined in the Pilot Seat and at the same time emphasis is placed on compatibility with various control setups.

The seat has a central cut-out in the seat so that a center joystick can be positioned in the perfect position.

MPS-1 Blackbird – Without Armrests
MPS-1 Blackbird – With Armrests


The most important feature is the specialized form of the backrest.

The wider lower part gives the pilot stability – the narrower upper part ensures unrestricted freedom of movement in the shoulder and elbow area.

With this seat allows full unristricted operation of the joystick and throttle.


  • Flight-optimized backrest shape
  • Seat cut-out for center joysticks
  • Angle-adjustable backrest
  • Seatslider with side-lever
  • padded 4-D armrests (optional)
MPS-1 Blackbird – With Armrests

Attachment Points

The seat has attachment points for MTSIM chair mounts left, right and center as standard. (Form MFC/MPS)

Direct attachment of Chair Mounts to the MPS.

Direct attachment of Chair Mounts to the MPS.


The seat cover is made of a new breathable and water vapor permeable synthetic leather manufactured by Continental®. The hybrid material made of vinyl and polyurethane uses the best properties of both and provides surface softness and durability.


A local North German manufacturer makes our seats. It is a company known for producing high-quality office chairs with decades of experience. Each chair is made by hand.

Scope of Delivery

  • 1x Pilot Seat – MPS-1 Blackbird
  • 1x Seat slider set
  • 1x Set of armrests (optional)

The MPS-1 Pilot Seat is made on order and has a delivery time of approx. 12-16 weeks.

Note: Due to production bottlenecks, the lead time can be longer than expected. We are working hard on clearing the backlog and scaling up production.

Cockpit, Joystick / HOTAS chair mounts left / right / center, joystick, throttle, button boxes or other extras are not in the scope of delivery. They are only in the product images to illustrate the complete structure.


  • Are the Joystick/HOTAS Chair Mounts included?
    No, this product contains only the pilot seat. All attachment points on the bottom of the seat are available.
  • Can it be attached to non-MONSTRTECH sim rigs and cockpits?
    The Pilot Seat has standard car seat attachment points and should be compatible with most racing and flight rigs.