Slide Rail

Dual slide rail with two slots for Joystick/HOTAS Rail Mounts.

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The Slide Rail is the base module for the MTSIM Rail Mounts.

The dynamic sliding bearing of the rail mounts enables friction-free, quick lateral adjustment and stowage of joysticks and other accessories.

Seamlessly Adjustable

The rail mounts can be seamlessly adjusted and fixed.

Dual Rail

The mounts can be moved along their entire length in two separate slots.

Simple and Stable

The slide rail is delivered in one piece and can be screwed under the desk top on multiple points.

Absolute Stability


In addition to extremely stable aluminum extrusions, we use universal connectors for extra torsion-free profile connections.

High-quality materials


High-quality components and materials such as aluminum with scratch-resistant anodizing are used to set the highest quality standards.

Rail Mount System

Position your joystick setup in a flash!

The rail mount system supports controllers such as joysticks, throttles, keyboard and mouse with specific modules.

Due to the linear sliding function the controllers can be conveniently positioned and fixed. The robust connection to the table top ensures flex-free joystick operations.

Scope of Delivery

1x Slide rail for rail mounts*
*Length depending on selection
not included
Rail Mounts
Controllers (joystick, throttle, button box, etc.)

Caution: The slide rail is only suitable for attachment under solid wood desk tops. (mounting screws are not included)

In some cases, accessories such as controllers or seats are shown in pictures, which are not included as standard in the scope of delivery of the product. These are only used to better illustrate the overall view.

Technical Details

Product dimensions
Product weight
Packing dimensions


Joystick/HOTAS system changed, now what?

The mounting plates are easily exchangeable and can be reordered separately.

Can it be attached to non-solid wood desk tops?

Yes, it can be attached with 2k epoxy resin adhesive, but we do not recommend it because the slide rail cannot be removed once the adhesive has hardened.