Keyboard Bridge Desk Mount

Keyboard plate that can be attached between two table mounts. Achieve an optimal keyboard position with plenty of legroom.

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The attachable keyboard bridge is a must-have for a joystick/HOTAS + mouse and keyboard setup. In combination with a mouse extension for table mounts, a perfectly ergonomic desk setup is created.

Put the keyboard in the correct position with perfect legroom at the same time.

Due to the anchoring in the profile slot, the attachment is very flexible and the Joystick/HOTAS Desk Mounts do not have to be fixed in exactly the same position every time.


Optimum legroom for using pedals, as the keyboard plate is attached on both sides.


The keyboard plate can be attached in seconds with our self-developed clips.

Composite Material

The plate is made from an extra hard composite material, which is also warm and good to touch.

The clip on the keyboard plate can be fixed with a rotary handle on each side.

Scope of Delivery

1x Keyboard Bridge Desk Mount
not included
Joystick/HOTAS Table Mount

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