MTS Wheel

Wheel module for MTS MTSIM cockpits.

Extremely stable, yet freely and flexibly adjustable. Compatible with numerous steering wheel systems.

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The MTS Wheel is a module for MTSIM MTS cockpits.

The wheel mount can be adjusted and fixed in height, depth, distance and angle. The wheel can be pushed forward in seconds by loosening the four cross handles when not in use.

Wheel Mount

Infinitely adjustable

The steering wheel mount is flexibly adjustable in height, angle and distance.

Universal Steering Wheel Plate

Attachment of various steering wheel bases. Optionally, Front mounting is also possible.

Dynamic storage

Use of the steering wheel and center joystick in one cockpit thanks to the dynamic storage of the steering wheel construction.

Absolute Stability

In addition to extremely stable aluminum profiles, we also use universal connectors for particularly torsion-free profile connections.

High-quality materials

Only high-quality components and materials are used in order to set the highest quality standards.

Greatest flexibility

Multifunctional and can be used at the same time for flight, racing and office setups. Quick and easy to set up, as required.

MTS Platform

The aim of the MTS Platform is the simultaneous use of different control setups.

Modular Platform MTS

The modular MTS platform: One cockpit maximum flexibility!

Thanks to the modularity of the MTS Platform, a wide variety of controllers such as joysticks, throttles, wheels and hand brakes can be quickly and easily brought into position on the cockpit. When there is no need for a specific controller setup, it can be stowed away using various dynamic elements.

Flight, Racing, Office & more in one cockpit.




Scope of Delivery

1x MTS Wheel Mount
1x wheel mounting plate flat (optional)
1x wheel mounting plate front (optional)
not included
Controller (Joystick, Throttle, Wheel, etc.)

In some cases, accessories such as controllers or seats are shown in pictures, which are not included as standard in the scope of delivery of the product. These are only used to better illustrate the overall view.

Technical Details



  • SimXperience AccuForce Pro V2
  • Lenze MCS Electro Motor
  • MIGE 130ST Electro Motor
  • SimuCube 2 Sport, Pro, Ultimate
Product dimensions
Product weight
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Can MTS Wheel, MTS Yoke, MTS Desk be used at the same time?

No, the MTS Wheel, MTS Yoke and MTS Desk have the same position in the MTS cockpit, which is why they cannot be used simultaneously. Due to the similar construction, a yoke can also be used on the MTS Wheel mount.

Wheel system changed, what to do?

The wheel mounting plates flat & front are available individually.