Swivel and Quick Release Adapter

Adapter for quick folding away or dismantling the chair mount.

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The chair mount is securely fastened to the mounting plate on the chair with two thrust ball bearings and clamping levers. With a handle, the mount can be turned out of the way.

Ideal for quickly switching from a keyboard/mouse setup to a cockpit setup or to easily use the office chair for daily work.

The two grips allow you to quickly assemble and disassemble the chair mount without tools.

One adapter is required for each chair mount.


The swivel and quick connect adapter is compatible with all chair mounts.

This adapter is the revised version of the older swivel and quick connect kits. The two functions have been combined here.

Scope of Delivery

1x pressure plate with bearing socket
2x axial ball bearing
1x star handle with screw bolts
1x clamping lever with screw bolt
not included
Chair Mount

Chair mount, joystick or throttle are not included and serve on the product images only to illustrate a complete body.


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