Desktop Reinforcement

Aluminium plate to reinforce the underside of a desk tabletop.

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The purpose of the plate is to reinforce the undersides of table tops made of “non-solid materials” (for example, various IKEA table tops). Due to the high possible clamping force of the clamp on MTSIM desk mounts (up to 500N), it can lead to dents on the underside of the table if the pressure setting is too high.

For tabletops made of solid wood, plywood, multiplex, chipboard or glass, no reinforcement is necessary.

The reinforcement plate is made out of thin anodized aluminium and stays under the desk permanently.


  • 1x Aluminium reinforcement plate
  • 3M-adhesive pads

Joystick/Throttle or other accessories are not included in the shipment and are used on the product images only to illustrate a complete body.


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